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Our Unmatched Quality

Since 1946, Wagner Nursery Inc. has been selling trees, shrubs and perennials specifically adapted to the Tri-State area. With 5 hoop houses and 1 fully equipped climate-controlled greenhouse, we are able to offer a large selection of beautifully flowering perennials. 

Placed throughout our yard, around our sales house and between our various displays, you will find larger shrubs ready for immediate impact in your landscape. We Sell 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, gallon trees, evergreens, and shrubs varying in H x W both deciduous and coniferous alike.

We also grow and provide field grown evergreens, deciduous trees, and shrubs. These larger specimens will make an immediate impact, whether it’s for a screen or hedge or a strategically placed base plant. 

Shop for a wide selection of topiary, placed randomly throughout our garden center. If you're looking for something special, give us a call at 563-583-9261.

Wagner Nursery Inc. offers quality trees of all shapes and sizes, including deciduous and coniferous trees. 

The potted trees include sizes ranging from a 5-gallon up to a 25-gallon pot, ranging in height and width. After 20 years of farming and raising trees off the property located out in Epworth and bringing them in for sale, Doug Wagner Senior has brought the tree farm to the nursery. 

We have trees available throughout the garden center, in our newly designed pot-to-pot area, field grown trees in the acres surrounding our retail area and balled and burlap trees in sawdust waiting for a new home.

We have traditional varieties as well as more exotic types. Sizes range from 8-10 feet up to 20-25 feet. We have trees to suit the young family with time to watch them grow or for those who want a more mature tree for immediate impact, shade and beauty.

Stop by Our Garden Center and Nursery

  • A variety of robust nursery stock to meet all your landscape needs 
  • A large selection of bulk landscape materials such as mulch, stone, boulders, pavers, etc.
  • Bird baths and garden stonecasting
  • A full line of chemical supplies by Bayer, Ortho, Bonide and Plantskydd (organic)

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Items by the Bag

  • Wagner’s special blend potting mix (soil amendments)
  • Vermiculite
  • Perlite
  • 10-10-10 garden fertilizer
  • Peat moss
  • Crabgrass control
  • Lawn fertilizer
  • Cotton burr
  • Milorganite
  • Premium grass seed (sun, part-shade, shade) by the pound and more

Products Available at the Wagner Nursery

  • Field trees waiting to be dug
  • Ready to go field grown balled and bur-lapped trees (B-n-B’s)
  • Pot-to-pot trees in a 15-gallon pot
  • Trees, shrubs, evergreens, fruit trees, perennials, grasses, small fruit
  • Many decorative varieties of landscape rock
  • Many colors of landscape mulch including an all-natural variety
  • Topsoil, compost, pulverized soil, cow manure, soil and compost mix
  • Fertilizer products
  • Seed and seeding products
  • Soil amendments
  • Garden chemicals and organic compounds
  • Fountains, statuary and fire pits
  • A variety of lime products - regular fine limestone, ¾” limestone, 1” clean limestone, and a variety of sizes of limestone boulders and outcropping stones
  • Boulders available in many sizes - Wisconsin cobblestone, purple quartz or white granite
  • Commercial-grade weed mat
  • Information booth, including guides and write-ups about tree, shrubs and perennials

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We Offer Wide Selection

  • Edging
  • Wall block
  • Patio pavers
  • Flagstone
  • Ponds
  • Fountains
  • Fire pits
Materials available in bulk but smaller amounts are available as well:
  • Topsoil by the yard
  • Soil compost mix by the yard
  • Hardwood mulch by the yard
  • Gravel by the yard
  • Boulders by the pound
  • Flagstone by the square foot
  • Decorative rock by ton
  • Cow manure by the yard
  • Compost by the yard
  • Pulverized soil by the yard
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Call 563-583-9261

Five Hoop Houses and 1 Fully Equipped Greenhouse
Offering a Large Selection of Beautifully Flowering Perennials
Selling 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, gallon trees, evergreens, and shrubs varying in H x W

All plant material is northern grown and hardy for our zone including fruit trees and small fruit

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