Field Trees

High-Quality Field Trees

Wagner Nursery Inc. offers field trees for sale where the roots and soil are contained in a burlap sack inside of a steel basket and held together by twine. These trees have been grown in the field for three, four or more years and are harvested in spring or fall, dug either by machine.

You can obtain a large sturdy tree from Wagner Nursery Inc. that will immediately make its presence known in your landscape. These field trees will require a little bit of extra care for survival because many of the roots are left behind when harvested. To help with this issue we provide special products that stimulate root growth and increase tree vitality. Ask a professional at the nursery for more information.

Sometimes it takes several years for the tree, especially a larger tree, to fully recover and begin to grow vigorously again. Please be patient. Call Wagner Nursery Inc. to speak with one of our certified experts regarding field grown balled and burlap trees (B-n-B’s).

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