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Welcome to The Wagner Nursery in Dubuque, Iowa

For sixty-eight years and four generations, The Wagner Nursery has been providing the tri-states with beautiful landscapes of diverse styles and proportions. Commercial, Institutional and Residential properties all receive the same attention to detail that separates us from our competitors.

Preparing Evergreens for Winter


Preparing Evergreens for Winter


Until the ground freezes, evergreens, including broad leaf evergreens, such as boxwood, rhododendrons and azaleas and any newly planted (first year) trees and shrubs, need regular fall watering to ensure having an adequate supply of moisture to last the winter season. 

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Now is the time to plant and a great time to buy.

Plant it it now.

We still have a good bit of warm weather before the winds of winter. 
Traditionally, this is a great time to take advantage of end of the year sales.
Nurseries generally attempt to reduce inventory on items that are overstocked
and/or will take up storage room.

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