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Fall is a great time to plant!

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Welcome to Wagner Nursery in Dubuque, Iowa

For sixty-eight years and four generations, Wagner Nursery has been providing the tri-states with beautiful landscapes of diverse styles and proportions. Commercial, Institutional and Residential properties all receive the same attention to detail that separates us from our competitors.

Trees and Shrubs in the Fall

This is the beginning of the autumn planting season. While it is possible to plant trees and shrubs in the heat of summer, it is often easier on the plant if you wait until the temperatures cool somewhat in September or October. Also, if you have clay soil it is often easier to dig in after the first significant shower of the autumn.

Most trees and shrubs don’t want to be fertilized this time of year. The only exception might be a little organic, slow-release food for newly planted evergreens, or those plants that have not been fed in a long time.

Stop out to see the many varieties of trees and shrubs we have at Wagner Nursery.  We're more than happy to plant them for you! 

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Fall is for planting!

It's true – Fall is for Planting! The soil is still warm, providing faster root growth and giving plants a head start on next year's growth. By next summer, they will have a larger, more established root system than spring plantings – which means better drought tolerance and better flowering the first year. Also, the shorter days and mild temperatures in fall mean lower stress on new plants.  Last, but not least, the inevitable rains help keep those new plants watered-in, meaning less work for you.






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