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Welcome to Wagner Nursery in Dubuque, Iowa

For sixty-eight years and four generations, Wagner Nursery has been providing the tri-states with beautiful landscapes of diverse styles and proportions. Commercial, Institutional and Residential properties all receive the same attention to detail that separates us from our competitors.


We now have pulverized soil! It is rich soil that we run through a large grinder, making it loose and very easy to spread and work with. It’s excellent for creating a place to plant the landscape you’ve always dreamed of, for growing grass, filling in areas of your yard and/or to make a positive grade along your foundation.

We sell it in bulk or small amounts.

Evergreens that go into the winter lacking adequate moisture may suffer from winter burn or winter browning . Winter desiccation occurs when an evergreen's foliage loses moisture due to the bright winter sun and harsh winter winds. In the winter such plants are not able to absorb enough moisture from the frozen ground to replace the water that evaporates from their foliage. This results in browning of branch tips and possible loss of entire branches. This usually occurs on a side of the plant receiving bright sun and wind. Plants that go into winter in a stressful condition and lack adequate fall watering can die. 

If you forgot to water in the fall and your tree is brown in spots what can you do? In the spring, after the plant is actively growing, prune out any dead branches, trim the brown outside edges and reshape the plant. You may have to do this again later in the season as you notice more damage or misshaped areas. Do wait until the plant has had some time to recover from the winter and new growth has appeared in the spring before pruning to allow time to truly evaluate what is dead and what is just slow recovering.

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